Wireless sport headphones with voice coaching



Wireless sport headphones for runners with real-time voice coaching for improving running form to run faster and minimize injury

The built-in BiomechEngineTM* analyzes your running form and provides advice in real time. The dedicated App. “RUNSPECT” records the results and provides support to improve your running performance and help reduce risk of injury.

More Detail

Water & Sweat Resistant



Features soft rubber rotating fin for comfortable and secure fitting.
Since the fin doesn't go over the ear, there is no issue when wearing glasses.
As S/M/L size fins and earpieces are included, runners enjoy the ideal fitting experience.

Rotating Fin allows you to find the best
position for your ears.

Support Fin

Three different size fins
are provided. (S/M/L)

Open Type Earpieces

The included optional “open type earpieces” let you hear ambient
noise such as approaching traffic while running.

Enjoy music and feel safe when you run.

and adjustable Cable

The grooved cable prevents tangling and the length adjuster helps to
reduce the stress level of runners caused by tapping and noise.

Cable Management with
Magnetic Housing

When you want to take a break,
Cable Management with Magnetic Housing secures the headphones safely
around your neck, helping to prevent them from being lost.

High Quality Sound featuring Strong
Neodymium Magnets


Bass Boost Mode enhances low frequencies and allow runners to
enjoy dynamic, powerful sound even when using open type
earpieces that let in ambient noise.

Remote + Microphone

You can control Volume Up/Down, Play/Pause, Forward/Reverse and
switch Bass Boost Mode On/Off via the 3-button remote

BASS BOOST On/Off Control

Technical Specifications
Product Support
Technical Specifications
Transmission Area
Approx. 33ft (10m)
Driver Unit
Magnet type
Frequency Response
Nominal Impedance
Power Supply
Rechargeable battery
Battery Life/Charging time (approx.)
7h(Formcoaching OFF) 6h(Formcoaching ON) /3h(Charging time)
Weight (with cord)
3 button operation
remote (via Bluetooth), volume +/-, power, EQ
Bluetooth version
4.2 (class2)
Supporting codec
Normal/Open type ear pice (S/M/L) /Ear support L/R(S/M/L) /Charging cable(Micro USB) /Carrying pouch
Product Support
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