WOOD inner Hi-Resolution Audio headphones



WOOD inner Hi-Resolution Audio headphones

The High Resolution HeadphonesWOOD



“Feel more presence”

The JVC wood series features wood diaphragms, an industry first and based on our guiding philosophy, “Closer to the Musical Truth”.
The HA-FW1800 is designed to reproduce the beautiful and natural acoustic sound of a musical instrument.
It has a realistic vibrancy that conveys the artist’s passion by delivering high-quality low-range performance and clean high-range voices to reproduce a realistic sound image.

Wood Dome Carbon Diaphragm

Newly developed wood dome diaphragms

The pairing of a thin 50μm wooden dome and carbon-coated PET diaphragm make the diaphragm outer surrounding more ductile and the dome at the center stronger. This results in beautiful tones and precise musical reproduction.

Accurate Motion Air Damper

Natural sound is delivered through the paring of a thin 50μm wooden dome and carbon coated PET diaphragms.

Acoustic Purifier

Thanks to Spiral Dot Earpiece technology, the dots are arranged so as to effectively enhance sound clarity by diffusing noise.
The Acoustic Purifier realizes transparent tone.

high-grade groove cable

The separation allows for the transmission of clearer and more distinct L/R signals, resulting in better spatial acuity.
High quality ultra-thick plated plugs is connections with each terminal enhance signal strength, delivering rich sound minimal loss.

Spiral Dot+ Earpieces

“Spiral Dot Earpiece” featuring improved ergonomics and materials, now achieves clearer and higher quality sounds.
Dimples arranged in the inner-wall of earpieces adjust reflected sound and suppress turbidity.
Thanks to the use of SMP iFit, a new material with characteristics much like human skin, the fit is so natural and comfortable that you might forget you’re wearing them.

High+Energy Magnetic Circuit

The High Energy Magnetic Circuit has both power and dynamics, resulting in faithful renderings of sourced sounds. In addition, lightweight
CCAW* allows for precise amplitudes in diaphragms, bringing even finely nuanced sounds to life.
​Copper Clad Aluminum Wire


Commitment To Wood

Message From The Developer

Our “WOOD series” debuted in 2008 and the concept has remained the same ever since – headphones that create a beautiful, natural sound field and can reproduce the original sound of musical instruments.

The HA-FW1800 is a new premium model in the latest generation WOOD series with a renewed focus on faithful reproduction of musical instruments and voices. Our objectives in designing this new model were superb sound presence and dynamism. To achieve those objectives, several subtle but critical design refinements were made to improve low and high range performance.

We wanted the bass to sound and feel real, with ample volume and the ability to deliver a powerful and dynamic feeling when needed. The key is to control the movement of the diaphragm, and so the size, quantity and acoustic damping of the air vent holes were adjusted and optimized.

To improve high range texture, the volume of the space in front of the driver unit has been optimized, and we refined the nozzle to reduce pipe resonance. The result is clean, clear high range performance.

With these refinements, the HA-FW1800 is ideal for all musical genres. I am confident that you will enjoy the vibrancy of your music, and most importantly find that it’s true to life.

Wood Series

Beautiful sound and natural acoustic range through wood

Each model is based on the reproduction of the original sound, but the sound target is different depending on where each model is focused for original sound.



Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications
Driver Unit
Frequency Response
Nominal Impedance
Max. Input Capability
200mW (IEC)
Cord Length
1.2m detachable cable with MMXC terminal
Weight (without cord)
Approx. 15.0g
Spiral Dot + (plus) Earpieces :4 sizes S/MS/M/ML/ , Caring Case