Earplugs; First-class comfort fit and sound protection offering maximum Noise Reduction Rating:SNR29dB ( NRSA Max 35dB )

Carry the Silence

The EP-S433 model is a new type of ear plug developed according to diversified lifestyles, which is designed for people who want to concentrate on work, study, reading, sleeping soundly or just wanting to spend time in a calm environment without sound.
Geared towards a style of living that embraces ear plugs not only when sleeping, but also during everyday life.


First-class comfort fit and sound protection

JVC's unique Air Cushion

The Air Cushion silicone structure gently presses against the ear and provides a comfortable fitting that prevents discomfort when using for long hours or even when sleeping.


Stylish design that redefines the image of earplugs

High-level Sound Isolation

Earplugs have increased sound insulation rated up to 35dB* from low to high frequencies. Perfect for concentration at work, study, reading, sleep, and relaxation. They also protect your hearing by blocking out ambient sound.

Message from the developer

In the highly industrialized society today we are surrounded by various types of sound, which are not necessarily comforable. More and more people are complaining about sounds they tolerate in their daily lives that interfere with their sleep or concentration. Recent studies reveal that one in five people today are HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), some of whom suffer from acoustic hyperesthesia that makes them too sensitive to everyday sounds to tolerate.

Therefore, we created this product. Whenever and wherever you are, pick up EP-S433 then you will feel the comfort of 'sound insulation' and spend your time with peace of mind. We hope that the experience of 'closing your ears' will help you stay in tranquility.


Q.What do you use them for?

A. Use anytime you want to concentrate on work or study, when sleeping, commuting to work or
school, traveling, doing yoga or meditation, or when there are noisy surroundings due to
construction work, etc.


Q.What is the difference from disposable earplugs?

A.Regular disposable earplugs are suitable for sound insulation of high frequency sounds (e.g. metallic
sounds). EP-S433 provides stable sound insulation from low to high frequency sounds.


Q.Are all surrounding sounds insulated?

A.The earplugs do not make all sounds inaudible.


QIs it possible to listen to the music?

A. EP-S433 does not allow you to listen to music although they look like earphones.
Noise Cancelling earbuds are recommended for listening to music while blocking ambient sounds.


Q.Do you need to charge the battery?

A. There are no batteries to be recharged. Anytime, anywhere you can use it with no recharging.
So, it's OK being left it in your bag or pocket all the time.


Q.Please provide the details of sound isolation data?

Noise Reduction Statistics*1

Frequency (Hz) 125 250 500 1k 2k 4k 8k
Average Sound Insulation(dB)*2 28.4 26.1 28.8 32.4 35.2 38.3 43.8
Standard deviations(dB)*3 4 3.2 4.1 4.3 3.8 4.4 4.9
APV (dB)*4 25 23.4 25.4 28.8 32 34.6 39.7

*1:NRSA (Noise Reduction Statistics -Method A) is an official value that shows the sound insulation performance of earplugs. The higher the value, the higher the sound insulation performance.
*2:Average sound insulation value is a value that indicates the ability to block sound. It is a standard value that indicates how much noise in the environment can be reduced by the user by wearing soundproof protective equipment, and its value varies depending on the frequency.
*3:Standard deviation is a value that indicates the variation of data, and the smaller the value, the less variation there is in the performance of the product.
*4:APV is an assumed protection value.

  • EPA approved.
  • Included the convenient pouch to carry.
  • Suit for the purpose: Marshmallow earpiece for high sound isolation, silicon earpieces for comfortable fit.
  • JVC's unique Air Cushion delivers the ultimate fit for comfort during long hour use.
  • Easy to wear with finger -fit indentation
  • High isolation with 29 dB (NRSA max.35dB)
  • First class comfort fit and high sound protection
  • Waterproof for daily use.
  • Earphone modeled with a stylish design which redefines the image of earplugs
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications
In the Box
Carrying pouch
Regular Silicon Earpieces
Yes, 3 sizes S/M/L
Memory Foam Earpieces
Yes, 2 size S/M
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