Self-fitting OTC Hearing Aids


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OTC Hearing Aids featuring self-fitting design and customization with FDA-cleared TUNED app

  • Bluetooth®
  • Noise Canceling
  • Tuned Hearing
  • Water proof

Custom Self-Fitting with FDA-Cleared Tuned App

  • Introducing JVC’s new personal self-fitting hearing aids, powered by TUNED. These FDA-cleared, Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid devices feature an in-app hearing check for personalized tuning to your specific hearing profile. The intuitive TUNED app puts control of your listening experience at your fingertips. Revel in clear sound, improved speech recognition, and enhanced sound localization—all customized to cater to your distinct hearing requirements.
    Boasting a subtle design and discreet placement behind the ear, these hearing aids are virtually invisible. Furthermore, JVC's personal hearing aids complement an active lifestyle, ensuring you savor every moment without compromising on style or comfort.

    The TUNED Advantage:

  • Experience the latest in Hearing Aid technology, guiding you throughout your entire hearing journey. Imagine having your personal audiologist available 24/7—now made possible with the world's first patented artificial intelligence hearing care solution.Crafted by a team of experienced audiologists specializing in hearing aid fitting and audiologic rehabilitation,TUNED grants access to top-notch knowledge and service.
    Beyond offering real-time solutions for your hearing aid fitting and troubleshooting needs, TUNED becomes your constant companion, supporting you every step of the way toward improved hearing and a fuller life.

    Award Winning Technology

  • Selected as winner of the 2023 Hearing Technology Innovator award by Hearing Health & Technology Matters (HHTM), which acknowledges technological innovation and accomplishments in the hearing industry.

    Cutting-edge Onboarding Technology

  • Experience personalized OTC hearing aids with a built-in in-app hearing assessment and an intelligent self-fitting algorithm. Simply install the TUNED app, complete the in-app hearing check, and watch as your OTC hearing aids are automatically tailored to your unique hearing profile.

    Advanced Hearing Assistant

  • TUNED's AI Hearing Assistant is available around the clock to identify and resolve hundreds of common issues related to hearing aid calibration and fitting. Experience immediate,hassle-free and personalized hearing aid adjustments for optimal performance and comfort.

    Daily Goals and Lessons

  • Establish objectives and acquire daily insights to enhance your hearing health through informative content, including tips and instructional videos.

    These bite-sized, personalized lessons fit easily into your daily routine, empowering you with the knowledge and confidence to make the most out of your hearing aid every day.


    Device Control

  • Control your JVC OTC hearing aids directly from the TUNED app. It allows you to customize volume, hearing programs and device settings according
    to your surroundings in order to meet your specific preferences, eliminating the need for constant adjustments on the hearing aids themselves.

    Live Remote Support

  • Need live consultation? Experience the convenience of live expert assistance with our integrated Remote Support video call, designed to provide you with immediate professional help for optimal hearing aid fitting and care, directly at your fingertips.

    • FDA-Cleared Tuned App
    • Advanced Hearing Assistant
    • 312 Battery Powered (18 Included)
    • Wind Noise Suppression
    • App Device Support for Settings and Volume Control
    • Nano Coating for Moisture Protection (IP67)
    • Live remote support
    • Case for Storage
    • Brush and Wire for Maintenance
    Technical Specifications
    Technical Specifications
    True Wireless
    Number of Buttons
    Volume Button
    Behind The Ear (BTE)
    Noise Canceling
    Ingress Protection Code
    Water proof
    Bluetooth Specifications
    Version 4
    Battery Type Hearing Aid
    312 Replaceable battery
    Battery Life Hearing Aid
    3-5 weeks
    Tuned Hearing
    App Store (Apple)
    Google Play (Android)
    Dimensions & Weight
    Device Size
    1.5 inch
    Headphone weight
    Package dimension
    6.889 (H) x 1.577 (W) x 7.208 (D) inch
    Package Weight
    Approx. 0.04 lbs