JVC original "Spiral Dot ++" earpieces that provide clear sound and improve the reproduction capability of your earbuds

Spiral Dot Design

Uniquely designed for high sound quality.  Dimples on the inner wall diffuse the reflected sound inside the earpiece, which is the cause of sound deterioration, and suppresses the muddiness of the sound.

Quality Sound and Comfort

The EP-FX10 uses SMP iFit, a material with mechanical properties similar to those of human skin, to achieve high-purity clear sound and an excellent fit. The best grade of SMP iFit with a silky and comfortable touch was selected from among its variations to make it with a natural fit.

Hybrid Configuration

SMP iFit, which provides a gentle fit that does not cause pain even after prolonged use, is combined with high-quality silicone that does not easily slip from or come off the nozzle.

The joint surface has a unique wavy shape to fuse the two materials while taking advantage of their unique properties.

Five Size Options

A lineup of five sizes (S/MS/M/ML/L) to allow you to select the most suitable size for your ears and bring out the sound capability of your inner-ear headphones.

Available for JVC earbuds with Spiral Dot Earpieces

E.g. HA-FW1000T, HA-FW1800, HA-FD01, HA-FW01, HA-FDX1, HA-FWX1