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“i3 series” monitor CL-S200・CL-S300

A total of 189 large-scale installation
Creating a pleasant image-reading environment

Kagawa University Hospital is the only one university hospital in Kagawa, established in 1983. In December 2017, the hospital chose to install our “i3 series” medical monitors. We interviewed the hospital about the effectiveness one year later.

Background of installation

Kagawa University Hospital started using our “i2 Series” medical monitors since 2009. Upon evaluation, they continued to use our products for upgrading. The total amount of the installation was 189 units, including 150 units of 21.3” color LCD monitor (model name: CL-S200) and 39 units of 3 megapixel 21.3” color LCD monitor (model name: CL-S300).

Installed system

● 2 megapixel 21.3” color monitor CL-S200
● 3 megapixel 21.3” color monitor CL-S300
● The stylish design harmonizes with modality device and in-hospital environment.
● Dynamic Gamma function (Patent No. 6277984) recognizes color images automatically to provide optimized contrast, brightness and gamma. No user intervention is required.
● A variety of built-in sensors contribute to higher image quality and control power saving.
● Utilizing its unique X, Y, Z, color level tracking and color management technologies, each i3 model perfectly color-matches one another.

Advantages in both diagnosis and environment

We interviewed Mr. Akihiro Miki, a radiation department chief and Radiological technologist.


Dynamic Gamma function is effective to create a multi-modality environment.


Q: What are the points in choosing the monitor?


A: It is desirable that monitor should display both grayscale and color images accurately. Grayscale images should also comply with GSDF gamma characteristic. Besides, the tone and gradation of color images must be displayed properly. In addition, it should be able to be calibrated as needed and managed efficiently through the network. We also look forward to high brightness, easy connecting method and a built-in power supply.


Q: What about the diagnostic image’s clarity and quality in CL-S200 and CL-S300? And what do you think about our patented Dynamic Gamma function?


A: Dynamic Gamma displays both grayscale and color images properly. We also asked gastroenterologists and pulmonologists to compare endoscopic images with Dynamic Gamma function ON / OFF. They all upheld dynamic gamma function ON to display images. I think that dynamic gamma function contributes to creating a multi-modality environment.



Thinner cabinet enhances the flexibility of arrangement and layout.


Q: How do you feel about the cabinet design of i3 series monitors?


A: The thinner cabinet is particularly attractive to doctors, allowing for an easier arrangement than before.


Q: Compared with other monitor, i3 series saves more space. Has the work space been expanded?


A: The new stand enables to place peripherals and accessories more easily. And lighting the whole weight down relieves us to carry it, leading to a more flexible arrangement.


Q: What do you think about grayish white for the back? We have considered modality device and the hospital environment.


A: It not only looks smart, keeps calm but also contributes to a clean environment.


(Interviewed in December 2018)

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