JVC HA-FW1000T: Review in-ears

By Niels Moonen
December 23rd, 2021


The World's first True Wireless Headphones featuring Wood Dome Drivers. These are the latest wireless earphones from JVC. That's not a bad start and it's not done yet. They also received the prize of the 'Good Design Award 2021'.  An award sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion, which is presented every year to products with outstanding design. You would be curious to test these in-ears for less. I am very curious as well. Let's dive into JVC’s HA-FW1000T!

Design & wearing comfort

If you receive the 'Good Design Award 2021', then you know that you have done very well as a renowned brand. The first thing you notice when you take the earphones out of the case is the wooden part. I really think that's what makes the in-ears 'stand out'. When JVC had just left that 'part' matte black like the rest of the earbuds, the appearance was still fine, but then you missed the extra effect. 


A beautiful design? Check! Good wearing comfort? Let's find out! The JVC in-ears may seem a bit large at first sight, but that is not so bad once they are in your ears. In a moment I will talk about the wearing comfort, but first a small 'side note' which is a big plus. To make the earplugs 'accessible' to everyone, and to let every person enjoy pleasant comfort in the ear itself, JVC has added different sizes of earpieces.

These range from size S to L with a clear difference between the sizes. They were right for me. But that didn't stop me from switching the earpieces. This went very smoothly by the way. You can easily slide them off, if you pull them a bit, because they should of course not come off too quickly. In addition, placing the new caps is also a piece of cake. 


When the perfect size is on it, you can enjoy your latest JVC HA-FW1000T in-ears. I must say, the comfort is perfectly fine once you have placed the correct size earpieces. You can easily 'slide' them into your ears and if you have turned the in-ears so that the JVC logo is upright, they fit perfectly in your ears. Very pleasant. What I also like about the in-ears is that they really seal your ears. You hardly hear anything from your surroundings anymore. 


After listening, you can easily store the JVC HA-FW1000T back in the supplied case. You just have to put them in and the 'magnet' ensures that they stay in place. In terms of size, I also like the case. Some may find this a bit too big, but you will always be able to easily store it in your trouser or jacket pocket. 

Curious about our nice review video we made of the JVC HA-FW1000T in-ears in which you discover everything about what these earphones have to offer you?die wij maakten van de JVC HA-FW1000T in-ears waarin je alles ontdekt over hetgeen deze oortelefoon jou te bieden heeft?


Connecting to the JVC HA-FW1000T is very fast and without problems. You just have to turn on your Bluetooth, look for the in-ears and there you go! So you don't have to download an app first. What I also think as a plus is that when you take the earphones out of the case, you place them in your ears, they will automatically connect to your smartphone (if you have your Bluetooth turned on). 

Once they were connected, I was able to examine the functionalities more closely. For example, the JVC HA-FW1000T has 'Qualcomm Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation'. This one does not disappoint at all. You will certainly be separated from your surroundings and you can enjoy your favorite music in peace. In the car, for example, I barely heard the other cars and the music from the radio that was playing. You can hear it, but if you really focus on your music, it's not noticeable. 


This is not the only nice feature that JVC's in-ears have to offer. For example, they have a wear-detection sensor. When you take out one earpiece, the operation of the earpiece you are still wearing automatically changes to the most common operation; play/pause and louder/softer. Operation is no longer possible on the earpiece that you no longer wear. If you wear them both, the control options are more extensive. 


Then the commands depend on each ear. When you tap 1x on the left side, you put the music on play or pause. With 2 taps you turn the music down. Tapping three times means that you will turn up the music and tapping four times means that you turn off the 'noise cancelling'. The right side then. When you tap 1x, the music will sound so soft that you can sense your surroundings. Tap two or three times to fast forward or rewind respectively. 


Last but not least, the JVC HA-FW1000T in-ears have an IPX4 'rain proof rating'. So you should not be afraid of a few raindrops when you have the HA-FW1000T in your ears. In addition, thanks to the microphone, you can make phone calls and quickly ask the voice assistant. Finally, JVC has ensured that you are still well understood with your facemask mouth covering. 

Listening Test

After having completely approved the wearing comfort, it is time for the listening test. I was curious what effect the 'Wood Dome Carbon Driver unit' would have. By the way, they are the very first in-ears with this 'specification'. Wood is often used in instruments because it has an excellent property of the speed of propagation of sound and an internal loss that sufficiently dampens vibrations. In addition, the JVC in-ears have unique 'K2 Technology' that ensures that the sound quality comes closer to its original state and you can enjoy a better sound experience. 

As a test, I always start with a song with a reasonable bass behind it, because it is of course nice to immediately hear the low sounds of your new product(s). This time it was Christian Cambas' The Outsiders. A solid techno song with a fierce build-up and a great climax. You hear the bass immediately when you press play. You will therefore quickly hear that the sound of the JVC HA-FW1000T is good. The low sounds come through well and you can feel the bass 'going through your ears'. That is what you want to achieve: a pleasant audio experience. Then when the high point in the song arrives, it is necessary that the mids are also right and that the details clearly break through. This is partly made possible thanks to the wooden diaphragm. This gives you a beautiful tone that only wood can produce. I enjoyed my favorite song of the moment again, thanks JVC! 


What gives the sound experience even more power is the shape of the 'ear piece'. JVC calls this the 'Spiral Dot Earpiece'. These are specially designed to create high sound quality. The 'dimples' on the inner wall spread the reflected sound in the earphones. In addition, 'mudiness' is also suppressed. So you can hear the sounds very well. 


The only downside is that (at the moment) there is no app with the in-ears. This way you could possibly completely tune the audio to your taste. For example, sometimes the bass exceeds the mids a little bit. This is certainly not a problem for me because I like the low tones to take the upper hand. But if you like to adjust the 'audio properties' per genre, that would have been a handy option. 


In addition, you also have to turn the sound quite loudly to hear the sound properly compared to some other earphones. Nevertheless, you are guaranteed to get a nice audio experience thanks to the HA-FW1000T in-ears from JVC. They passed the listening test for my part! 


Are you looking for in-ears with a beautiful design that even received a prize for it? Then you are already good. Do you also want in-ears that sound good and take your audio experience to the next level? Then you're still good! With the JVC HA-FW1000T you get a detailed sound with a lot of bass. Including good mid and high tones. There are also useful functionalities that can make your life 'easier' while wearing these earplugs. In short: another nice audio product from JVC. Thank you JVC! 




- Performance: 8/10

- Functionality: 8/10

- Price/quality: 8.5/10

- Build quality: 8.5/10

- Design: 8/10


Pro (advantages):

● Beautiful design

● 'Tailored' for everyone

● Pleasant sound experience


Cons (cons):

● In-ears may seem a bit large in the ears for some people


Original (Dutch) review: https://av2d.com/jvc-ha-fw1000t-review-in-ears/