USB-C™ Bud type Inner ear headphones


CAD 29.99

USB-C™ earbuds with Intuitive touch design remote with easy to push buttons and microphone on/off switch

  • Remote and Microphone
  • Microphone On/Off Button
  • Light weight
  • Water proof

Go with the simplicity, high-quality sound and convenience brought by USB-C™ connectivity

Simple connection, Delay-free sound

Wired USB-C™ connection brings you delay-free, uncompressed high-fidelity sound – ideal for movie nights, gaming sessions, and online meetings.

Uncompromising Sound Quality

The 10.7mm neodymium drivers and a built-in DAC ensure crystal-clear and powerful sound. The open-design is not only comfortable but also creates a natural and spacious soundstage along with the custom sound tuning, accentuating a powerful audio experience.

Clear Calls, Uninterrupted Connections

With the superior microphone and uncompressed audio signal, enjoy seamless, clear calls every time. Stay connected without any sound cutoffs – perfect for your business or school online sessions.

Compatible for various latest devices

The USB-C™ connector earphones work seamlessly with the most of latest PCs, smartphones, tablets, and more. Say goodbye to carrying multiple earphones. They also serve as a reliable backup option in critical situations, such as when Bluetooth earphones run out of battery during an important online session.

Intuitive Touch Design remote

Our three-button remote control is intuitively designed for easy operation by touch. With volume up, down, and a versatile multi-use button (play, pause, forward, reverse, answer call, and hang up), plus a dedicated microphone on/off slide switch – it's simplicity at your fingertips!

Lightweight and sweat proof for convenient daily use

With its lightweight design and sweat proofing, you can feel free to carry it around and use it instantly whenever needed.

  • Pleasant sound via 10.7 mm diameter high magnetic force neodymium driver
  • Delay free, also great to watch movies or play games
  • Sweat proof rated IPX2
  • Convenient remote control with three easy-to-press buttons; volume up/down, a Multi-Function button and dedicated slide switch for the microphone ON/OFF.
  • Connect and play, no pairing/connection or charge needed to fully enjoy the headphones.
  • Bud type USB-C™ headphones for secure and comfortable fit
  • Built-in DAC reduces noise and improves sound quality, making it possible to enjoy clear calls and music in high sound quality
  • Compact and lightweight bud type earphones recommended for long online meetings and classes.
Technical Specifications
Product Support
Technical Specifications
Bud type USB-C™ headphones for secure and comfortable fit
Remote and Microphone
Number of Buttons
Volume Button
Multi Function Button
Microphone On/Off Button
In Ear
Light weight
Ingress Protection Code
Water proof
Audio Specifications
Driver size
10.7 mm
Driver size
0.42 inch
Magnet type
Number of drivers per ear
Headphone Cord
1.2 meter
39 feet
Dimensions & Weight
Headphone weight
5 gram
Headphone weight
0,17 oz (without cable)
Package dimension
178 (H) x 51 (W) x 32 (D) mm
Package dimension
7.01 (H) x 2.01 (W) x 1.26 (D) inch
Package weight
Approx. 19.4 gram
Package weight
Approx. 0.68 oz
Disclaimer & Trademark
Product Support
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