Bluetooth Headphones with Hybrid Noise Cancelling


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Our top headphone offers Hybrid Noise Cancelling for immersive sound, free of noise distraction.Full touch control allows for simple operation of all functions with just the touch of a finger, and Automatic ON/OFF feature for quick pairing and easy operation. The HA-S100N has high-quality protein leather in the headband and ear pads for a perfect fit and comfort during long listening. Includes swivel earcups and two-way foldable design for easy carrying.Convenient Google Assistant and Google Fast Pair Compatible.

  • Bluetooth®
  • Remote and Microphone
  • Touch Control
  • Touch & Talk
  • Two-way Foldable design
  • Max. Battery Life
  • Around Ear
  • Voice assistant compatible
  • Bass Boost Function
  • Noise Canceling
  • Google Assistant

Hybrid NC wireless headphones.


First Class Noise Cancelling

Hybrid Noise-Cancelling

Hybrid noise-cancelling headphones have external microphones that catch a wide range of noise in addition to the internal microphones which hear noise around the ears. Both are utilized for excellent sound quality and proper noise cancellation.

Increased sound isolation

The ear cup has an extra design to fit the shape of the head and the ear snugly. The protein leather of the ear pads realizes the comfortable fit and the high sound isolation, this blocks out the ambient noises and prevents sound leakage.
Extra what? Maybe t should be "unique design" or "enhanced design"

Increased sound isolation

Stable Noise Cancelling performance

The S100N provides stable Noise Cancelling performance even after repeated frequent use, such as teleworking or outdoors. The thickness of earpads and ultimate fit contribute stable passive Noise Cancelling performance by their absorbing variations in wearing position.

The results shows that a competitor’s model had variations in Noise Cancelling performance.
On the other hand, S100N proved to have stable performance with little variation in Noise Cancelling performance.

High Fidelity Sound

High performance 40 mm driver unit

The 40 mm driver unit has lightweight, high-strength PEN diaphragm.
The diaphragm is graphene-coated for more clear, detailed reproduction of the sound.

Original internal design for premium sound

The internal design is completely isolated the acoustic space from the battery and electrical circuit boards, which have a negative impact on the sound for, and additional tuning ports ensure the high performance for the sound reproduction.

Optimized Sound Performance

Pleasant and harmonious sound enhanced by
a quiet listening environment achieved
through effective noise cancelling.
Optimized for high-quality sound
reproduction of vocals, particularly focused
on vocal expressiveness.
This flagship model is compatible
with SBC/AAC/aptx HD for high quality
sound, in combination with the high-performance
noise canceling function.

High Quality Sound

Clear voice

With high microphone performance, you will be heard with a clear voice when talking in crowded room or even outdoors.You will be surprised at the difference of voice sound quality sound between Hybrid Noise Cancelling with unclear voice and HA-S100N.

Premium Fit

Premium fit for long hour use

The ear pad is designed to fit the shape of the head and ear snugly. The extra thickness of them ensures they are not too tight on the ears during long use.
In addition, the protein leather with soft skin touch provides a comfortable fit. The HA-S100N is perfect for long hour meetings or travel.

Other Features

Automatic Power
ON/OFF, Pairing

The headphones will automatically power on and connect to your device when you wear them and will power off when you place them on a swivel.

Full Touch Control

The headphones bring you a more comfortable and convenient experience to control music, cancel noise, take in ambient sound and enables quick chat by a simple tap or swipe of the ear cup

Carrying Case/Lifestyle Image

Carrying Case

Durable carrying case and charging cable for the headphones are included. Detachable cable for wired use also included.

A little help on the go

Your HA-S100N headphones allow you to get help
from Google hands-free. Get things done without Fix spacing
stopping what you’re doing – like texting and calling,
getting quick answers, and managing your calendar
and reminders.

Hey Google
Phone call

Google Assistant is compatible with Android™ OS.
Google and Android are trademarks of Google LLC.

Superb Optimized Sound Performance:
A word from the developers

HA-S100N is the first full-scale noise canceling headphone under the JVC brand. To improve the noise canceling performance, we made unique adjustments using the hybrid noise cancelling method. Our objective was to provide a harmonious, full and rich sound that can be fully appreciated against the quiet background that noise canceling provides. We want listeners to hear the full range of frequencies and enjoy music as it was originally recorded. Therefore, our goal was flat frequency response, with no artificial emphasis of bass or treble. Just the music as it was meant to be heard. This models sound is suitable for all music genres. We were particularly obsessed with accurately reproducing vocals, and bringing alive the true expression of the voice. We wanted every nuance of the human voice to come through and to sound as natural as possible. The headphones are designed so that you can immerse yourself in music not only when using them outdoors, but also when using them at home. I hope that HA-S100N will make your music life more fulfilling.

    Technical Specifications
    Technical Specifications
    Remote and Microphone
    Touch Control
    Touch & Talk
    Two-way Foldable design
    Around Ear
    Voice assistant compatible
    Bass Boost Function
    Noise Canceling
    Ambient Sound Mode
    Google Assistant
    Yes, , Compatible with Android OS smartphones
    Audio Specifications
    Dynamic frequency response range
    5 - 40000 Hz
    Magnet type
    Number of drivers per ear
    32 Ω
    Headphone Cord
    Single-sided detachable cord
    Gold plated 3,5mm mini-jack
    Bluetooth Specifications
    Version 5.1
    Frequency Range
    2.4 GHz band (2.402 - 2.48 GHz)
    Bluetooth Profiles
    Supported Audio Format(s)
    aptX HD
    Battery Type Headphones
    Li-polymer rechargeable battery
    Battery Life Headphones
    Max. 25 hours
    Battery Life Music & Noise Canceling
    Max. 22 hours
    Battery Life Noise Canceling
    Max. 25 hours
    Max. Battery Life
    25 hours
    Charging Time Headphones
    3 hours
    In the Box
    Carrying case
    Yes, , Durable carrying case for the headphones.
    Detachable cable
    USB charging cable
    Disclaimer & Trademark
    - Google and Android are trademarks of Google.
    - Google Assistant is not available in certain languages and countries.
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