Display performance monitoring solution

PM Medivisor Cloud

Cloud-based performance monitoring and quality control solution

Display performance monitoring solution - PM Medivisor Cloud

Medical monitors are required to perform quality control in compliance with the standards (guidelines) of each country. Proper quality control keeps well condition display for long.

Without proper quality control

With proper quality control


Cloud-based quality control

PM Medivisor Cloud is a cloud-based quality control solution that continuously collects, analyzes and accumulates the operating status of monitors installed in various places in the hospital and provides it to the administrator. Since the quality status of the monitor can be checked both inside and outside the hospital, it becomes maintenance-free, greatly improving the efficiency of management work and reducing maintenance costs. In addition, remote management via the Internet can be securely performed via a secure communication protocol. 

Quickly check current problems of monitors

You can easily check the quality status of your monitor with a web browser.

The status report on the top page will be notified with luminance deterioration and gradation abnormalities. It also reminds users of individually scheduled calibration and quality control work and encourages users to do what they need.

Just by checking this page, you can see whether there are any abnormalities and what actions need to be taken.

Operational status monitoring

You can immediately grasp the individual monitor status and check the current operating time, maximum luminance, gamma, etc.

Since the luminance distribution from the time of installation to the present can be checked, the status of aging deterioration can be visualized.



Remote calibration functions

PM Medivisor cloud can not only collectively browse and manage information such as the operating status, maintenance status, and monitor abnormalities of medical monitors placed in hospitals on a management terminal connected to the network, but also perform maintenance such as QA tests and calibration remotely from the management terminal.

Effective asset utilization

PM Medivisor cloud is a cloud service that continuously collects and analyzes the operating status data of medical monitors placed in hospitals and provides that information to managers. Information such as monitor operation status, maintenance status, and monitor abnormalities can be viewed and managed collectively on terminals connected to the network.

From this information, it is possible to use it for effective utilization of existing assets, such as relocating monitors to equalize usage time and formulating maintenance plans.

  • Perform remote maintenance instantly or scheduled
  • Group management for users, monitors, and organizations
  • Generate reports in various format, generating and archiving
  • Calibration history, QA compliance test history, gamma, luminance (back-light), ambient light, etc.
  • Web and E-mail alert about monitor quality, scheduling, and assets
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications
Compatible Monitors
All JVC Medical monitors
Yes, except for CV932PJ
Recommended Web browser
Google chrome (Latest version)
Supported Languages
English, Japanese