Calibration function to accurately adjust gamma, color temperature, and luminance

Medical monitors are commonly required to display grayscale according to the Grayscale Standard Display Function (GSDF) defined by DICOM Part 14. The calibration function creates the optimum conditions for a medical imaging monitor by adjusting luminance levels, color temperature, and grayscale characteristics to achieve DICOM GSDF compliant grayscale output.

Note: Calibration requires an optional calibration kit*

How it works

The calibration function corrects the driving level of the LUT (Look-up Table), a memory that specifies the LCD driving, and writes it in the LUT. In other words, calibration adjusts grayscale characteristics, color temperature (color monitors only), and luminance.

The luminance for each driving level is corrected so that the resulting curve matches the DICOM GSDF achieving smooth grayscale output.

*Graph is for explanatory purpose only.