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Imaging diagnosis with JVC 5MP monitor

Aichi Society for Breast Cancer Screening is devoting its efforts to contribute to the enhancement of breast cancer screening day by day. JVC 5MP monitor is the society's diagnostic monitor used for breast images sent from screening centers. Dr. Morita is the representative organizer for the research society and a Radiologist for breast oncology department of Nagoya medical center. Dr. Niwa is the organizer for the society and a doctor for surgery department of Toyota Kosei Hospital. Below is the interview with them about diagnosis using the JVC 5MP monitors.

Background of installation

"We started our diagnostics with the monitors in 2009. Since then, the amount of image data collected has grown continually.

Regardless of the growth in the amount of data processed, comparing current images with previous ones is always crucial for mammography diagnosis. Thus we were pleased with the capabilities of the system which enabled us to compare the oldest images possible, no matter how much amount of image data was processed.

We recently started with a mobile screening bus with the digitalization and soft-copy diagnostic procedures for medical check-ups. "We wish the improvement of the working environment for our Radiologists and Radiographers which will contribute to their accurate screening," says Dr. Morita.

Key point of installation

"Many women in Japan have the highest dense breast tissue compared to women in the US or Europe, therefore a higher contrast image is required. The initial images are very important for early diagnosis, which is significant for the continuous image interpretation. Consequently, the mammography monitor shall deliver deep black, high contrast and high resolution visualization capability," says Dr. Morita and Dr. Niwa.

JVC 5MP monitor visualizes 15MsP super high resolution image, (pixel pitch is 55μ, 1276 Grayscale) in combination with the mammography viewer "mammary" by Climb Medical Systems Inc.

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Aichi Society for Breast Cancer Screening

Established aiming improvement of breast cancer screening quality with mammography or ultra sound images. The society is also investing effort in sharing the information about quality assurance of the screening and medical treatment of breast disease among members and promoting their knowledge.

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Address: 2-12-26, Marunouchi, Naka-, Nagoya, Aichi
Interview data: 20 Feb 2015
Dr. Takako Morita (the representative organizer, Aichi Society for Breast Cancer Screening, breast oncology department of Nagoya medical center)
Dr. Tae Niwa (the organizer, surgery department of Toyota Kosei Hospital)

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