Built-in LUT (Look-up Table) to reproduce beautiful grayscale and JVC's technology for simultaneous display of multiple shades

General-purpose monitors are capable of 256 shades of gray, but due to unevenness and grayscale discontinuity, they cannot reproduce and display the subtle shading difference required for medical monitors. JVC's medical monitors display the most appropriate 256 shades (8 bits) out of a maximum of 12241 shades of gray using the built-in LUT. This technology realizes much finer and smoother grayscale than possible with general-purpose monitors.

Moreover, combining with a JVC's monitor customized conversion table with an integrated viewer, up to 2048 shades of gray can be provided to produce film-like images on the display.

DICOM GSDF compliant curves according to the number of simultaneously available gray shades.

* Images are provided for explanatory purposes only.